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Roof  Rails Mazda CX-5
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Roof Rails Mazda CX-5

Product description (Roof Rails Mazda CX-5)

Peculiarly designed, they harmonically complete the styling of a vehicle.

High-quality materials and assemblies - reinforced aluminum profile with protective-decorating coating and ABS-plastics with a protective anti-burnoff and anti-discoloring layer.

Aluminum profile has two types of coating:

1.  GREY ANODE. A colorless anodic oxide high-strength coating.  The most reliable means for protecting aluminum and aluminum alloys from corrosion and other severe media. The electrodeposited oxide layer has density that is much bigger that the density of the natural oxide film. Compared to other coatings (paint, clear coat, plastic foil, etc.), anodic oxidation treatment excludes underfilm corrosion and layer separation. This coating is highly decorative and operative. The profiles have a natural metallic color due to transparency of anodic film. The profiles are processed before coating so they have velvety surface that sparkles in the sun.

2. BLACK POLYMER. This coating for aluminum profiles consists of two layers. The first layer is a colorless anodic oxide coating. It is a conversion layer that reliably protects the aluminum profile by sealing its sides.  The most reliable means for protecting aluminum and aluminum alloys from corrosion and other severe media. It can be used both separately as a final silver coating and as a basis for other coating. The second layer is a black polymer that is applied by electro coating and baked on the product. It is a reliable decorative layer that has a matte velvety black intense color.

Installation - a screw joint fixation to the proper location at the body (under plugs at roof rain rails).

Roof rails do not need to be glued.

The assembly set includes paint protection means - a protector (a self-adhesive substrate made of transparent high-strength plastics).

Carrying capacity – 50 kg, in compliance with maximum recommended roof load.

Roof rails static load capacity - 100 kg minimum. High carrying capacity is provided by stiffness of rack steel structure. However, the recommended load (50 kg) has to be selected considering the following parameters:

1.Body (roof) carrying capacity that complies with technical requirements of the manufacturer.

2. Stiffness of fixation components at the body.

3. Inertial and air forces during driving with a cargo that significantly increases the load on the structure.

Recommendations for using the roof rails as a trunk (if roof racks are available):

1. Place small freight and heavy load as close to the roof rails as possible.

2. If the cargos are placed simultaneously, trim them on the roof racks. Place heavy cargos closer to the roof rails, light - to the center.

3. Fix the cargo to the roof racks and roof rails.

4. Fix the hanging ends of the long goods to the body to avoid rocking during transportation.

5. Choose the best low-speed driving mode, avoid hard acceleration and braking.

Rack length– 1520 mm.

Roof racks fixation - screw joint at the longitudinal groove of the rack aluminum profile.

Width of roof racks - floating fixation of roof racks is available in any location of the rack aluminum profile, max. width - 1000 mm.



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