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Air Flow Vent Covers LADA 4x4 Aero-Effect
Air Flow Vent Covers LADA 4x4 Aero-Effect art.0701

art. 0701



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Air Flow Vent Covers LADA 4x4 Aero-Effect

Product description (Air Flow Vent Covers LADA 4x4 Aero-Effect)

Functional parts that improve performance of LADA 4x4 and the comfort level.

Developed in cooperation with AvtoVAZ OJSC.


Aerodynamic peculiarities and LADA 4x4 design.

The ventilation grid at the hood is divided into two functional areas:

) inlet vent area for saloon heater;

) nacelle cooling system.

So the cover is also divided into two areas that prevent mixing of flows in one body. They have different functions.

Vehicle aerodynamic peculiarities. The air flow that streamlines a vehicle during driving is very important for the design of such covers. The inlet vent area is located at the area of the maximum compression (upstream before the windscreen); this results in the filling the system with air. On the contrary, the outlet areas are located at the areas of maximum depression (next to the cover at the hood) for positive draft of processed air (ejection). Cover design provides minimum resistance at the air inlet and outlet; this, joint with a matching section of inlet and outlet areas provides the best operating results of the saloon ventilation.

Design and functionality. Cover appearance was designed in compliance with the general concept of LADA 4x4 outside appearance. So these products specifically match the exterior of the vehicle. Also these covers ideally protect the heater from restrictions, snow and water both during driving (the inlet area is upstream) and standstill (the hood Cover fully covers the grid).  If the body needs additional cleaning these products can be easily dismantled and reinstalled; an unreleasable connection would be impossible.

Test and performance results:

- saloon ventilation during driving speed 60 kmph shows the required performance even if the heater fan is off;

- saloon heating is performed during a shorter period of time and is equally distributed;

- absence of excessive saloon condensation under humid and snowy weather conditions;

- level of air induction noise at the back part of the saloon (especially during cross wind) was reduced significantly.

High-quality materials and assemblies – ABS plastics with a protective anti-burnoff and anti-discoloring layer.

Installation – hood Cover is fixed with screws to air inlet; support Covers are fixed to the hood with plug self-attack screws (it is considered to be the most reliable and easy mounting).




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