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Dashboard LADA 4x4 COMFORT
Dashboard LADA 4x4 COMFORT art.0101-213

art. 0101-213



Dashboard LADA 4x4 COMFORT art.0101-2110

art. 0101-2110



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Dashboard LADA 4x4 COMFORT

Product description (Dashboard LADA 4x4 COMFORT)

Peculiarly designed for LADA 21213 and following models. Product may be applied for older models in case of compliance with the following requirements.

Dashboard improves the interior space of the car providing additional comfort both for the driver and passenger. Vehicle stereo ergonomically located at the upper side of the dashboard. Convenient control key arrangement. Increased volume of glove compartment and lower shelf. Luggage niche at the upper side of the dashboard and additional stowage at the blower package unit. Separated central air conduit with increased section; the dashboard design does not need any updates while mounting and the available controls and fittings may be used.

Includes: high-quality materials and assemblies; soft black pebble dashboard surface; ABS plastics framework with metal stiffeners and supporting brackets that prevent the dashboard from damage during hitting and extends its useful time due to flexibility and thermal expansion uniformity; black hard ABS plastics hang-on parts, coating identical to the dashboard

Means of mounting - proper locations: splint pins and four 6 nuts (top), self-tapping screw at girder (bottom). Dashboard blower package unit (angle-table) fixed at the bottom of the floor tunnel.

DESIGN features

 The dashboard has two modifications:

1. Rectangular (for vehicles with 21213 instrument cluster);

2. Trapezoidal (for vehicles with 2110 instrument cluster);

The supply package includes:

1. Dashboard;

2. Switch board;

3. Vehicle stereo panel;

4. Blower package unit (angle-table);

5. Glove compartment;

6. Shelf;

7. Additional air conduits - 2 units;

8. Draught deflectors (central) - 2 units;

9. Holdfast set.

Other controls (harnesses, switches keys, plugs, lamps, levers, fittings, air conduits, leveling devices and glove compartment door) were installed with the dismantled dashboard.

There are jacks for a vehicle stereo, an on-board computer (for factory-installed on-board computer for LADA 2110 - 94x60 mm) or a watch (for LADA 2110) at the vehicle stereo panel.


1. As the glove compartment door is not included in the supply package, but is dismantled from the vehicle, if it is absent or worn out or does not comply with the design of older models, it has to be purchased additionally (21213 model).

2. There is no place for a suction lever at the dashboard of a carburetor engine vehicle. It has to be installed additionally.

3. This dashboard has been developed during installation of manual exterior mirrors. New models were supplied with cable-operated exterior mirrors. Such mirror controllers, installed at the windscreen side support should be dismantled for them not to butt against the dashboard or electric mirrors should be installed.




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